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A Facelift For a Younger You

A facelift can give you back your youthful neck and jawline with results that last for years. Modern techniques offer natural-looking results and a shorter recovery time so you can return to your busy life as a refreshed, younger version of you.

A way to directly reverse the facial aging process

As you get older, your face loses fullness because your fat starts to shrink. This loss of volume causes your skin to sag. At the same time, your neck and cheek muscles become lose, creating jowls and neck sagging.

We offer the most modern facelift procedure that reverses both of these causes of facial aging. The skin and muscle of your face is lifted to the place where it used to be, and your sunken areas are rejuvenated using your own fat cells.

The lift-and-fill method, also called facelift with fat grafting, makes you look younger without looking “done”.

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Tightening the sagging neck (turkey wattle)

The wattle that appears under your chin is caused by a loose muscle, the platysma. We directly reverse aging of the platysma muscle by lifting it with a platysmaplasty procedure.

Smoothing out the jowls and the jawline

We can help you get rid of jowls and give you back your lower face and jawline definition. This is done by lifting the sagging muscle layer that is responsible for your jawline contour.

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“Dr. Schlessinger is great at what he does. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my face” -Maureen P.

Look younger for longer with a Facelift

The lift-and-fill facelift can achieve a 5 – 10 years younger appearance and can last for as many years. Your own fat cells act as a semi-permanent filler, and combined with the smoothing effect of a muscle lift, you can defy the forces of gravity and age.

Our lift repositions your “SMAS”, or the deeper facial layer which lasts longer than mini-lifts or lunchtime lifts. For most people, the results of a lift-and-fill facelift will last for 7 – 10 years or longer.

A comprehensive lift, customized for your needsFacelift Long Island New York

When you come in to our Long Island office in Woodbury, NY just outside of New York City & Long Island, you will sit down with our board-certified surgeon to discuss your specific needs. Recommendations are made based on your appearance and how you’ve aged. Cosmetic eyelid procedures, laser resurfacing, and fat grafting are often discussed to help you achieve a natural, youthful look.

Special techniques hide the fact that something was done

We take great care to disguise the fact that a facelift was done, including incisions within your hairline and along the existing creases around your ear. Many of our clients have said their hairdresser didn’t even know they had a lift.

Safety and success

Our lift is performed in a state-of-the-art surgical suite that is accredited by AAASF. We uphold the highest level of safety and provide sedation by board-certified anesthesiologists. This high standard and attention to detail helps to ensure you have the best possible outcome in the safest possible environment.

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