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Is Ophthalmic Allergy Testing right for me?

This question can best be answered during your exam, but generally speaking, if you are experiencing symptoms such as dry eyes, red eyes, watery or itchy eyes – you are likely a very good candidate for Ophthalmic Allergy Testing.

What is entailed during administration of the testing?

Your skin will be exposed to suspected allergens determine the cause of your symptoms. There are no needles, no injections or shots required! This is what we call a “scratch test”, and is generally painless. This involves delivering a small scratch to the skin (usually on the arm) and and a drop of allergen extract. The Scratch Test takes approximately 3 minutes to administer.

Where is testing performed?

Testing is done right here in our Woodbury office.

How long before I receive my results?

Results are ready and shared with you before you leave our office! Your results will be reviewed by our trained professional staff and shared with you before you leave our office that day.

What am I being tested for?

You will be tested for airborne allergens including trees, grasses, weeds, molds, dust mites and animal dander.

If I experience an allergic reaction immediately, how will I know?

First and foremost, it is important to know that you are always going to be monitored by our trained staff and Physicians during your allergy testing experience. If allergic, you may experience a raised, itchy bump similar to a mosquito bite on the tested area. Any reaction(s) will be measured and recorded. Rarely, one can experience a more severe skin or histamine-related reaction.

By properly identifying your allergens and a treatment plan, we will be able to reduce or eliminate allergy symptoms and signs, A customized protocol will be discussed with you to determine the approach best suitable for your case. It can be as simple as avoiding certain products and medications or even immunotherapy with an reputable Allergist.

How much will this cost me?

These tests are usually covered by your insurance plan. Please call your plan administrator or our office at 516-496-2122 to inquire about yours.

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