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true tear device
TrueTear provides a temporary increase in tear production during neurostimulation to improve dry eye symptoms in adult patients with severe dry eye symptoms.

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  • TrueTear® is the first of its kind in eye care
  • Drug-free, drop-free option for temporarily producing more of your own tears
  • Uses state-of-the-art neurostimulation technology
  • Tip emits tiny pulses of energy to stimulate a nerve inside the nasal cavity, and the tear glands respond
  • The tear glands react by temporarily making more of your own natural tears that include proteins and lipids
  • Neurostimulation has been used for decades
  • TrueTear® works: patients in the clinical study saw 2.5x increase in tear production compared to control group
  • Use TrueTear® at least twice a day, as needed. The device may be used for up to 30 minutes per 24 hour period
  • Tips are disposable and easy to order
  • Unit comes with a cover, so it’s safe to take it with you and use discreetly
  • Good candidates for TrueTear® are at least 22 years old and have dry eye from inadequate tear production

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