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How to Get Rid of Your Dry Eyes And Stay Out of Trouble

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Although winking at someone is considered a term of endearment to some, if you are constantly having to either blink or wink to make sure your eyes stay moist and lubricated, then this way of functioning is likely being misconstrued as a form of flattery. And, because you don’t want to get in trouble with your significant other for unintentionally winking at somebody, it may be time to schedule an appointment with Dr. David A. Schlessinger to get checked for dry eyes. Read on to learn more about chronic dry eye syndrome.

What is dry eye syndrome?
As a crucial part of your eye’s health, tears are what your eyes used to make sure they stay lubricated. However, in chronic dry eye syndrome either your eyes aren’t producing enough tears or the tears that they are producing aren’t working well enough. Dry eye is caused by a variety of factors including certain medications, diseases such as diabetes, environmental conditions such as smoke, long-term contact usage, and refractive surgery.

How is it treated?
There are three methods used to treat chronic dry eye syndrome: an over-the-counter method, the use of plugs that are placed in the tear ducts, and a surgical procedure.

  • Over-the-Counter: As the first option that you will be encouraged to try, the over-the-counter method involves using over-the-counter eye drops for a consistent period to help keep your eyes lubricated.
  • Plugs: The second option that Dr. David A. Schlessinger will likely recommend is the placement of plugs into the corners of the eye to limit drainage.
  • Surgery: If neither of the first two treatment methods works to treat your chronic dry eye, Dr. David A. Schlessinger may recommend getting eyelid surgery to help restore your eye’s natural capability to produce tears.

If you have dry eye, don’t get caught winking at somebody else when you are just simply trying to keep your eyes lubricated. To learn more about chronic dry eye syndrome or to schedule an appointment, contact Dr. David A. Schlessinger today!