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New York Nutrition Group

Here at the offices of Schlessinger Eye & Face, you’d be surprised how many patients ask us for guidance regarding other aspects of their healthcare!
While our physicians have their specialties for specific body parts, all of their training first began with a Medical Degree and a comprehensive understanding of the human anatomy. Here at SEF, we advocate for all around healthy living to enhance and sustain a high quality of life. As part of this approach, we encourage the liberal use of sunscreen to protect your skin, abstention from smoking, getting an adequate amount of sleep, daily exercise and of course – a healthy diet. It’s all about taking care of the body you were born with to live a long and healthy life.

We are now offering our patients the opportunity to seek help in order to achieve this healthy lifestyle balance Please click here for more information on the New York Nutrition Group.

*SEF is not affiliated with NY Nutrition Group. Patients seen by the Registered Dietitians of NYNG are solely under their care. The Registered Dietitians of NYNG do not have Medical Degrees and are not employed by Schlessinger Eye & Face.