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An Oculo— What? What to Know About Choosing a Surgeon

In this day and age, it can be easy to hop online, google plastic surgeons in your area and hope for the best. And although you may end up with someone who gives you great results, you are running a risk by choosing someone you don’t know much about. Here are some things that every patient should know.

Certifications Matter

Here in the United States, plastic surgeons must be approved by certain boards for them to be able to practice here legally— which may seem great for all patients. However, there is no law stating that once a physician is licensed that they can or cannot perform specialized procedures like eyelid or facial surgeries. Which, unfortunately, means that a lot of spas and clinics offer services from a licensed professional who has no prior experience or in-depth training.

When choosing a surgeon, make sure that you choose one that is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. To be accredited by this board, a surgeon must pass rigorous written and oral examinations to show their expertise in their area.

Specialization and Experience is Critical

You wouldn’t take your car to the vet, and you wouldn’t take your pet to the car dealership when they’re sick, right? Similarly, you shouldn’t have oculoplastic surgery like eyelid and facial surgery done by anyone but an oculoplastic surgeon. With unique training, experience, and professionalism, oculoplastic surgeons like David A. Schlessinger not only give you real results that you’ve been wanting but safe ones as well.

Whatever type of facial or eyelid surgery that you want to undergo, make sure that you go with a certified and experienced oculoplastic surgeon like Dr. David A. Schlessinger. Want to learn more or schedule a consultation? Contact our Woodbury office today at 516-496-2122.