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Seal the Deal This Valentine’s Day With the Best Kiss Yet

Valentine’s Day is either your most favorite or your least favorite holiday. If you have plans to spend the day with someone special, then it’s likely on your list of most favorite holidays. And the best way to show your significant other that you care? With a kiss, right? So, how can you seal the deal this Valentine’s Day?


You know that you should exfoliate your skin to prevent dryness and acne, right? But did you also know that you should be exfoliating your lips? Exfoliating your lips about once a week will help you get rid of dry, chapped skin and will give you the smoothest, kissable pout just in time for Valentine’s’ Day. To make your own lip scrub, mix ½ teaspoon of olive or coconut oil with ½ teaspoon of sugar, add your favorite essential oil, and voila! You have a homemade lip scrub.


After you exfoliate, your work isn’t done— now you need to make sure that you lock in the moisture and hydration with a hydrating lip balm that contains ingredients like petroleum jelly, coconut oil, or beeswax.


To really give your significant other a kiss they will never forget, plump up your pout with the help of David A. Schlessinger. By strategically injecting your lips with fillers, Dr. David A. Schlessinger will be able to give you a pout that will even have Kylie Jenner feeling jealous. Plus, because most can fillers last up to an entire year, you may have fuller lips to last you all the way into 2019.

Give your crush a kiss they will never forget with smooth, hydrated, and plump lips. Want to learn more about lip injections and fillers? Schedule your consultation at our Woodbury office today:  516-496-2122