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FAQs About Ultherapy

If you workout religiously and eat right, it can be beyond frustrating to have sagging skin around your neck, chest, and chin. As you age, however, no exercise or food can get rid of stubborn sagging jowls and necklines. That’s where Ultherapy comes into play. Ultherapy is the only FDA-approved non-invasive treatment that is designed to help patients get rid of fat around these areas. By using ultrasound technology, ultherapy works at deep levels within the skin to stimulate the production of collage— leaving you with a tighter neck and skin. To help our patients feel more informed about Ultherapy, we have created a list answering some frequently asked questions about this procedure.

FAQ: Is It Painful?

Some patients experience a slight amount of discomfort during their Ultherapy session, but most people can tolerate it. If you are uncomfortable during your procedure, we will work to make you feel as calm and comfortable as possible.

FAQ: Does It Work?

Yes! Ultherapy not only gives patients real results, but it also gives patients results that last. On average, patients still experience results after an entire year following their procedure.

FAQ: Are There Side Effects?

Some patients experience a slight amount of redness and tenderness for up to about an hour after their procedure, but that should quickly go away. If for some reason, your symptoms persist or worsen, contact our office right away.

Are you ready to learn more about ultherapy and how it can help you get a more defined physique? During your initial consultation with Dr. David A. Schlessinger, he will go over any questions you have about Ultherapy and help determine whether or not you’re a suitable candidate for this treatment. Call our Woodbury office today at 516) 496-2122.