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Dr. Schlessinger Weighs in on Medical Mystery from the New York Times

Dr. Schlessinger

As an Ophthalmic Plastic Surgeon, I am frequently called upon to see patients with drooping eyelids. Many times this is simply a cosmetic problem that can be fixed with a surgical procedure. However, drooping eyelids can also be associated with other medical problems. As a Surgeon that is also trained in Neurologic Eye diseases, I make medical diagnosis that can often be life-changing and sometimes life-saving. The following article was in the New York Times this past week and documents an unusual patient that has a problem. Although this type of problem can be a mystery to many Doctors, I have seen hundreds of patients like this and have been able to help long before hospitalization or long arduous medical workups are needed. I hope you enjoy reading this medical mystery as much as I did.

Read the full story from the New York Times titled: All Signs Pointed to a Stroke. Then The Tests Come Back Negative