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Facial Fillers + Covid 19 Vaccines

The doctor cosmetologist makes Lip augmentation procedure of a beautiful woman in a beauty salon.Cosmetology skin care.

For most of us 2020 was a very challenging year. As we now begin 2021 there is new hope and optimism with the FDA approval of 2 new Vaccines (and more to come)  that prevent the transmission of Covid 19 virus.

Although the roll out of the vaccine has been frustrating and slow, we can look forward to the majority of people getting vaccinated within the very near future. I myself, as an essential Medical worker was fortunate enough to get the Moderna Vaccine in early January. I am pleased to say that the experience was painless and other than some arm soreness, I have had no side effects. I look forward to getting my second vaccine in the weeks to come so that I may be able to continue to safely continue to practice without putting my patients, family and friends at risk.

One of the very rare side effects that has been reported has been facial swelling in patients who have had dermal fillers. Most dermal fillers are made of Hyaluronic Acid. This is a hydrogel that is commonly found in the human body. When injected, HA can effectively and safely add volume to the face and cause a younger appearance. HA typically lasts 6 months to several years and can be repeated when the desired effect is gone.

The Covid Vaccine uses messenger RNA  molecules to instruct immune cells to create antibodies. It is very effective at stimulating an immune response. In some patients this immune response has caused inflammation of facial fillers.

This inflammation does not pose a threat to your health! This rare side-effect usually resolves after a few days. The use of oral steroids and antihistamines (Benadryl) can treat inflammation if it persists beyond a day or two. In rare cases where swelling persists, dermal fillers can be safely removed by dissolving them with an enzyme called Vitrase.

The bottom line is that everyone should get the Vaccine as soon as it is available to you. It is safe, effective and the quickest way for us all to return to a normal life. I have already had many patients in my practice with facial fillers get the vaccine without any swelling. If you are the rare person that has swelling after the vaccine, contact your Cosmetic Surgeon for advice and possible treatment.

If you are thinking about injectable fillers or have questions about the vaccine and the side effects, please contact our office at 516-496-2122