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Category: Injectable Fillers

Under Eye Fillers: A Non-Surgical Option for Eye Bag Reduction

While sometimes, under eye bags are hereditary, more often they are an indication of aging skin. Lower lid puffiness can create the appearance of fatigue, stress, or even premature aging. While surgical solutions like blepharoplasty exist to minimize under eye bags, non-surgical alternatives such as under eye fillers are also available. What Are Under Eye… Read More

Trends in Cosmetic Facial Surgery

By David Schlessinger, MD As the weather improves in the Northeast and we look forward to the summer season, we all want to look fresh and rejuvenated. We lead busy lives and most of us don’t have the luxury of taking time off from our hectic schedules to recover and recuperate from invasive plastic surgery…. Read More

Facial Fillers: What to Know

Facial fillers are not one-size-fits-all. However, we find that that’s a good thing. Everyone has different goals and areas they’d like to target and there’s likely a filler for that. Here’s a look at some basics about facial fillers and how they differ from neurotoxins. Of course, we’d love to discuss your goals and options… Read More