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Cry Me a River: Causes + Treatments for Clogged Tear Ducts

Tears aren’t just there for you when you need a good cry, they’re actually vital to your vision health. Your tears are essential for keeping your eyes healthy and lubricated in that they help to form a thin film that helps prevent the eyes from drying out.

In healthy eyes, tears are able to drain through a lacrimal drainage system. Unfortunately, there are times when that system gets blocked. That’s where Dr. David Schlessinger comes in. If you’re experiencing blurred vision, excessive tears, or even chronic red-eye, it’s time to make an appointment and get a proper diagnosis and treatment plan.

Dr. Schlesinger can help by performing a thorough eye exam that can help determine what could be causing these issues. We then draw up a treatment plan so that you can get back on track. Following are two of our most common treatment options for tear duct drainage.

Option 1: Flush it out

Flushing is typically the first course of action that Dr. Schlesinger will recommend for patients with a blocked tear duct. The flushing is done with a saline solution and helps him to determine the severity of the your blockage and its’ precise location. This process may provide relief for many patients, however, others may only feel temporary relief. That’s when Dr. Schlessinger will likely recommend surgery.

option 2: Surgery

In some cases, surgery may be the best option for unblocking your tear ducts. Tear duct surgery uses a procedure called DCR or dacryocystorhinostomy. This surgery aims to create a new channel to let your tears drain back into your nose again. A DCR is considered a same-day procedure and is done conveniently in our ambulatory facility.

If you think you’re suffering from a blocked tear duct due to excessive tearing, red eyes, or blurred vision, give our office a call. Dr. David A. Schlessinger will be able to work with you to determine the cause and treatment plan that’s right for you.

Ready to take the next steps towards happy, healthy tears? Call our Woodbury office today to make an appointment (516) 496-2122.