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Restylane Injections Before and After

We all know what happens as we age, and many of the people we meet are interested in gaining control over how their aging process affects their facial aesthetic. At Schlessinger Eye & Face in Woodbury, there is no assumption that facial rejuvenation must include surgical lifts. While we perform such procedures, we also find value in non-surgical treatments like Restylane.

What is Restylane?

Restylane is an FDA-approved family of dermal fillers all based on hyaluronic acid. The polysaccharide compound is non-animal-based and has been widely used for several years. In fact, the original Restylane filler was one of the original products approved by the FDA to correct the signs of aging on the face and hands. Restylane has a RealSelf rating in the 90s, which indicates a proven track record of successful patient outcomes.

Each of the Restylane products works by plumping skin upward to smooth the visible surface. Areas of depression, such as lines, creases, and certain types of scars, are lifted from underneath with an influx of water molecules that are attracted to hyaluronic acid. In the target area, these molecules become trapped by hyaluronic acid and are slowly metabolized over time.

Uses of Restylane

The indications for use have expanded as the family of Restylane products has grown.

  • Restylane and Restylane-L are essentially the same filler, but one has Lidocaine in the formulation. Each of these products is used to improve moderate to severe lines and wrinkles.
  • Restylane Lyft is denser, with larger particle sizes that integrate into deeper tissues in the cheeks to fill out contouring.
  • Restylane Silk is formulated with fine particles that are appropriate for lip augmentation and small lines around the mouth.
  • Restylane Defyne and Restylane Refyne are each made with XpresHAn Technology™, which reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles without inhibiting natural facial movement.

How Long Does Restylane Last?

As an organic substance that the body naturally produces, hyaluronic acid is biodegradable. Over the course of several months, the particles of hyaluronic acid absorb and get metabolized in the lymphatic system. Generally, results can last from 4 months to well over a year. There are several factors involved in the longevity of results, including natural aging, UV exposure and lifestyle, and also the density of the product used. For example, lip augmentation with Restylane may need to be touched up after 4 months due to the small particles of hyaluronic acid in this product. Denser formulations, like Restylane Lyft, may take more than a year to degrade.

Restylane Before & After

Restylane Patient Testimonial

“Excellent Physician and Staff! I would and have recommended my friends! I look amazing after my cosmetic treatment.”

Laurene G.

Is Restylane Treatment Painful?

The indications for use have expanded as the family of Restylane products has grown. Injectable treatments are performed with patient comfort in mind. If you are concerned about the pinch of the small-gauge needle used for cosmetic treatments, talk with us.

We can employ techniques such as applying ice or numbing gel to the skin prior to injections to assure your comfort and peace of mind. Restylane treatments generally involve only a handful of injections, and some products also contain Lidocaine, a mild anesthetic that decreases nerve sensations for a short time.

Are there any side effects?

Common side effects of Restylane include mild redness and swelling. Some patients experience minor bruising at injection sites. To minimize the risk of bruising, it is advisable to avoid using aspirin, vitamin E, and ibuprofen in the week prior to treatment.

Is Restylane Safe?

Early use of Restylane began more than 20 years ago. Since that time, numerous studies have been conducted on this family of products, continually demonstrating a high standard of safety and efficacy. In addition to safe manufacturing processes within a sterile environment, Restylane treatments are conducted in a manner that minimizes risks.

How much does restylane cost?

It is difficult to estimate the cost of any given injectable treatment because every person is different. Patients who visit our office benefit from a thorough consultation that provides us with the information we need to determine the number of units of product that are needed to achieve the desired outcome. Contact our office today to schedule a visit in which we can discuss your cosmetic concerns and treatment options for restoring more vibrancy to your look.

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